Windrisk project

The Wind Risk Project deals with improving the effectiveness of existing policies and financial instruments for local-based disaster risk reduction in instances of high wind and high wind gusts. It emphasizes the assessment of risk/vulnerability and preparation of updated action plans based on improved knowledge of high wind through accurate new high frequency measurements. In the course of the two-year project a detailed assessment of specific wind hazards in various areas in the European Union will be carried out, i.e. Ajdovščina (Slovenia), Central Dalmatia (Croatia) and North Rhine Westphalia (Germany).
A complete assessment of wind related risk both locally and cross-country will be done in five major aspects: population, infrastructure, transportation, buildings and forests. An assessment of wind risk in combination with hail, snow and sleet will be done, too.
Special guidelines for raising public awareness, regulations for transit both on land and in the harbour, improvement of existing and new building and infrastructure as well as for forest management will be prepared.
A new high frequency wind measurement system will be used and all data will be recorded and shared with the public via a live stream web page which will also serve as an alarm system to alert local and national civil and professional protection units.